Site redesigned and running on Joomla

I have now set up Joomla Content Management System for my site. This is an excellent tool and creates professional looking websites with ease. This means content can be updated easily and quickly with little work required.

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Excellent reminder

Excellent reminder

This is a very good demonstration of what we should all be remembering when browsing the web and clicking links

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Current system build prices

February 27, 2013 Leave a comment

Budget Model – £400

  • 2.8Ghz Processor
  • 4GB Memory
  • 500Gb Hard Disk Drive
  • 18″ Monitor
  • Windows 7 64Bit

Basic Home PC – £475

  • 2.5Ghz Processor
  • 8Gb Memory
  • 500Gb Hard Disk Drive
  • 18.5″ Widescreen Monitor
  • Windows 7 64Bit

Business computer – £750

  • 3.6Ghz Processor
  • 8Gb Memory
  • 500Gb Hard Disk Drive
  • 18.5″ Widescreen monitor
  • Windows 7 64Bit
  • MS Office 2010

Budget Gaming System – £850

  • 4Ghz Processor
  • 8Gb High speed memory
  • AMD HD7850 graphics
  • 1Tb Hard Disk Drive
  • 24″ Widescreen Monitor
  • Gaming Keyboard
  • Gaming Mouse
  • Windows 7 64Bit

Gaming System – £1650

  • High specification motherboard
  • Core i7 3.5Ghz processor
  • AMD HD7870 graphics
  • 8Gb high speed memory
  • Solid State Hard Disk Drive
  • Secondary storage drive
  • 27″ Widescreen
  • Logitech Gaming Grade Mouse
  • Logitech Gaming Keyboard
  • Windows 7 64Bit

Ultra-Gamer System – £3400

  • High performance motherboard
  • Core i7 Extreme 3.5Ghz processor
  • 16Gb High Performance Memory
  • AMD HD7950 Graphics Card
  • Solid State Hard Drive
  • 2Tb Storage drive
  • 30″ HP Widescreen monitor
  • Logitech 13 button Gaming Mouse
  • Logitech Gaming Keyboard

Facebook compromised

February 16, 2013 Leave a comment

Facebook compromised

It seem a complex hack has infiltrated Facebook servers but no personal information was taken

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Virus updates

February 11, 2013 Leave a comment

It’s important to make sure you have Anti-Virus installed and it is up to date

There are a number of good, free anti-virus programs available, try


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How to Prevent SQL Injection Attacks – eSecurity Planet

Excellent article that explains what they are and how to protect your website against them

How to Prevent SQL Injection Attacks – eSecurity Planet.

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Small Business computer security

Small businesses are being targeted more and more by criminals and it is very important to ensure your business does not suffer such an attack.

You may not be aware of what security measures you need to take with regard to computers and IT, what data needs to be secure and how to secure it.

It is important to try and determine all the valuable things your company has on record or does through its day to day business

  • Do you keep records of personal data on customers? Is this data secure?
  • Do you keep credit/debit card information from customers? Is this secure and encrypted?
  • Do you have credit/debit card readers? Are they up to date and secure?
  • Do you have an IT security policy?
  • Do you run refresher courses for your staff on computer security?
  • Do your staff use personal devices at work? Are you sure the data they have on these devices is secure?
  • Do you have policies regarding the use of USB memory sticks/external hard drives?
  • Do you have policies regarding the use of mobile phones and the data they hold?

By simply answering some of these questions you are well on the way to better security.

It is also important to check that your website is secure and up to date, new attack methods are discovered daily which can infect your website and potentially steal key information or data that may leave you open to prosecution if it is deemed that reasonable steps were not taken to protect this information. Check with your web hosting company that host your website to ensure that their servers are patched and up to date, check with your website designer that the website itself is secured against known vulnerabilities and attacks. By doing this you can ensure that you have taken all reasonable steps to keep data secure on your website.

Stronger passwords are also very important for all the staff using your systems. It is worth reading up on password security and implementing a password security policy which determines a default strength for your passwords. This is one of the vital areas that prevent so any problems. Graham Cluely of Sophos has an excellent article on password strength and choosing good passwords here

If you would like to discuss your small business security, please get in touch through the contact page here


Computer Help

If you need computer help in the Sussex area, don’t hesitate to contact us!@vizorcomputing

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Friends fooled by Facebook Timeline ‘removal tool’ scams • The Register

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Facebook hoax – see who has viewed your profile

Another Facebook hoax is going around where peoples pages are being used to tag other people in photographs that try to get you to click a link.

The item calls itself “Profile Spy” and pretends to be a tool for checking who has viewed your Facebook profile, but in fact links to a page that hacks your Facebook account and then sends a similar message to all your friends.

If you see this in your Timeline or on your Facebook page, simply ignore it – don’t click on it to try and remove it, don’t try and delete it, just leave it well alone.

Facebook Scam 24 05 2012

ProfileSpy Facebook scam

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